Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EPS WITH CCVI - AUGUST 16, 17, 2011

No. Name Date of
entry date
1 GARCIA MICHAEL GARCIA 2011-08-17 9/7/2011
2 GUZMAN BARBARO SORIANO 2011-08-16 9/7/2011
3 ILAGAN ALEXANDER BALDRIAS 2011-08-16 9/7/2011
4 LIBATIQUE GEORGE LOPEZ 2011-08-17 9/7/2011
5 MOHAMMAD NAZER DE JESUS 2011-08-16 9/7/2011
6 OLIVAR ROGELIO JR DE LA CRUZ 2011-08-16 9/7/2011
7 PETALVER EFREN NAVARRO 2011-08-17 9/7/2011
8 SAMPANG FRANCIS VESQUENO 2011-08-16 9/7/2011
Concerned EPS workers must undergo medical examination only from accredited
clinics and to secure their medical certification. They are instructed to report immediately
to the Recruitment & Documentation Division, Government Placement Branch, Ground floor
POEA for submission of their valid medical and training certificates, passport and other
documentary requirements.
Please be advised that fifteen (16) EPS workers were denied entry to Korea and sent back to the
Philippines on that same day due to passport forgery.
You are also reminded that the Ministry of Justice, Korea has installed fingerprint scanners
and face identification machines at 22 airports and harbors including the Incheon International
Airport, Gimhae International Airport and Incheon Port. The fingerprint scanning started on 1
September 2010 to prevent foreign nationals with forged identification from entering Korea.
For clarification as to the above stated information, please call 722-1174/ 7221177
Government Placement Branch, POEA.
For information and guidance of all concerned.


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