Friday, November 25, 2011

Overview of Incentive Programs for Reentering Voluntary Returnees


by Gennie Kim on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 10:40pm
Overview of Incentive Programs for Reentering Voluntary Returnees
1. Overview of the program
ㅇ (Inauguration of the Special EPS-TOPIK) Conducting the Special
EPS-TOPIK, an additional test available only to voluntary
returnees at least once a quarter, to reduce their waiting period.
* Use Computer-based testing centers to hold the additional test on a
regular basis
* Qualifications : the test only applies to re-employed foreign workers who
voluntarily returned home within their lawful employment period
(Applicable to departures after Jan. 1, 2010).
ㅇ (Shortening the reentry period) Separating reentering workers from
the newcomers and prioritizing their roster and its verification to
shorten the delays in the job registration.
ㅇ (Permission to ask for former employees) Employers are allowed
to put a request for their former employees who had previously
worked for them for more than a year in an effort to give
opportunities for the employees to make continuous use of their
acquired skills.
ㅇ (Exemption from preliminary job training) Those requested
workers will be given an exemption from preliminary job training,
where they are given basic Korean classes, for the purpose of
reducing time delays for reentering and their financial burden.
2. Detail plans for special EPS-TOPIK (Overview)
□ Candidate Countries for the Trial Test.
○ Trial tests will be held within this year in Thailand and Vietnam,
the countries with a large number of re-hired returning workers
and a computer-based testing center. The candidate countries for
the additional EPS-TOPIK will be further expanded to other
sending countries after reviewing the outcome of the trial tests.
□ Schedules for Conducting the Special EPS-TOPIK
○ Name of the Test : Special EPS-TOPIK for Re-hired Workers.
○ Qualifications for the Test :
- Re-employed foreign workers who voluntarily returned home
within their employment period granted by the Ministry of
Employment and Labor.
* Only the workers who left Korea (applicable to departures after Jan. 1,
2010) within their lawful employment period are eligible for the trial test.
- Age Requirement : Ages between 18 and 39 (on the closing
day of registration)
○ Announcement : Newspaper announcements and postings on the
official website of the sending agency in November.
○ Receiving Applications : Verify qualifications for each applicant
and manage re-hired workers separately from the newcomers
- (Applicants) Provide information on their voluntary return
- (Sending agency on registration) Check the eligibility of each
applicant on the EPS English website and input the information
on the website (
* A computer program which enables re-hired workers to check their
eligibility for the test in advance on the Internet is currently under
development, and the information will also be available to the sending
3. Expected Outcomes from the Proposed Incentive Programs
ㅇ Alleviate concerns or worries of the workers regarding reentering
and dramatically reduce the delays during the re-entering process.
ㅇ Meet the demand of the industries for the skilled foreign workforce.
⇒ Enhancing job commitment and encouraging voluntary returnvv


Anonymous said...

bakit po ako mag 38 plang ako nung march di ako tinaggap mag klt exam samantalang sabi dyan sa hrd korea hanggang 39 age limit magulo po guidelines ng poea....


ganito po kasi un sir/mam...pag 38 ka po dito sa pilipas 39 kana po sa s.korea. kaya ganun po

Anonymous said...

sir sana po i post po ninyo kung tuloy ang cbt kc maraming x korea ang umaasa isa na ako doon kc po hanggang qualified gusto ko pong bumalik sa korea SALAMAT PO!

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