Saturday, June 30, 2012

Re-entry visa Online application

Subject Foreign employees can now apply for re-entry visa from online
Name HiKorea
Foreign employees can now apply for re-entry visa through on-line application
Starting this May 5th, G4F have expanded its re-entry visa service to include foreign workers (D-3: Industrial Training, E-8: Employed Trainee, E-9: Non-professional Employment, and E-10: Vessel crew). These people can now apply for re-entry visa from online.
Foreign employees who wish to take advantage of this service will first need to create an account at the G4F website (, and go through basic authentication process involving your foreigner registration number and English name. After that, you navigate to E-application> File and Application > Re-entry visa.
When applying, we require letter of consent or recommendation from the employer or the head of the training facility. Please scan them in, save them as a JPEG file (.jpg), and attach it to your application.
Service charge may be paid with card (individual, corporate), wire transfer, mobile phone, ARS, etc. If you are applying for another person, then you must use his/her electronic certificate, and not yours.
Our work hours start from 07:00 to 18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), and it generally takes up to 72 hours (3 days) to process.
Your application will then be examined by an immigration officer, and if the permission is granted, you can navigate to My Page and see My e-Applications and print out a permit from your printer. This printed copy is just as valid as the one you will receive from the immigration office. You simply need to present it to the immigrations officer at the airport.

* Application procedure
1. Member registration: Enter the name and foreigner registration number
2. Select re-entry permit : E-application > File and application > Re-entry permit
3. Fill out the application form: Enter your reason for submitting this application, phone number, expected date of departure. Before submitting, make sure you have a scanned copy of your letter of consent/recommendation (from your employer or the head of your training facility) attached to this form. This must be in .jpg image file format.
4. Pay service charge : Use card, wire transfer, mobile phone, etc. If you are applying for someone other than yourself, please use their electronic certificate to make the payment.
5. Receive/process: Assuming all went well with the payment, it will immediately be received and will be processed within 72 hours
6. Print out your permit: If your application was approved, print out a copy of your permit from “My e-applications”
7. Present the permit upon departure/entry : Present the printed permit to the immigration officer upon departure and entry
For more information, call : 02-2650-6390


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