Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reminders for CBT test takers


• Reminders for CBT test takers

o Step by Step Procedure in taking the CBT 
- Arrival on the CBT Venue -> Verification of Information -> 
Orientation -> CBT Practice -> Actual Test (READING and 
ㅇ Verify your personal Information 
- Check your personal information on the sheet 
Specifically the following: PICTURE / REGISTRATION NUMBER / 
- If you see anything wrong, please write the correct one on the 
And then put your signature 
- Go to restroom before the orientation starts 
You will not be allowed to leave once the orientation starts 
- The Computer Based Test or the CBT has two parts: 
First part is the READING And the second part is the LISTENING 
- Each has twenty five questions 
Each question is equivalent to four points 
- The total score is two hundred 
* Passers will be selected based on the test result (from the top scorer) 
among those who scored 80 or higher (Full score: 200 points) - You must get 
80 over two hundred in order to pass the test 

ㅇ Test Practice 
You will have ten minutes to practice 
It has 10 questions; 
5 questions and six minutes for reading 
5 questions and four minutes for listening 
You may adjust the volume of your head phones 
Since this is a test, CHEATING is strictly prohibited 
Please be reminded that this room is monitored by CCTV cameras 
Cameras are located in each corner 
And this test will be recorded. 
-The type of questionnaire will be distributed differently on each 
side of you: FRONT, BACK, LEFT and RIGHT. 
-You may see the same question on your friends’ monitor but the 
order of answer is not same. 
-You will be disqualified if we caught you cheating. 
-And you will be banned to take the test for two years. 
-Leave all your belongings on the waiting table. 
-Turn off your electronic devices before you transfer to the test 

*Don’t worry about your belongings 
- The waiting room is monitored and has CCTV recording it. 
- If we caught you carrying any electronic devices inside the test 
room, you will be regarded as a cheater. 
- On CBT answer sheet Please click the answer SUBMIT icon; 
when you finish answering. 

ㅇ The Reading Test 
- It has twenty five questions: To answer the question, click your 
number of choice 
- Once you click the answer, you cannot change the answer 
- If you don’t know or you are not sure which answer is correct, you 
may skip it by clicking the NEXT icon to go to the next question 
You can move forward or backward by using the previous, next icon 
 *This function is only for READING TEST, not to LISTENING TEST* 
- Even if you finish the READING test early, you have to wait before 
you can start the listening test until the remaining time of reading 
test goes to zero. 
- So, don’t forget to check your remaining time to manage test 
time efficiently. 
- Put your head phones five minutes in advance before the 

ㅇ The Listening Test 
-It has twenty five questions. 
-You will listen to the questions twice. 
-On the first time you hear the question, analyze it first 
Click the answer as soon as you hear it the second time. 
-Don’t forget to click the answer on the second time you hear the 
-If you don’t click any answer, your score will automatically be zero. 
*Please be reminded that the LISTENING test does not have 
a PREVIOUS or a NEXT icon. 
-It is synchronized. It will automatically go to the next question 
after the given period of time. 

ㅇ Once you are finished, Please click the answer SUBMIT icon


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