Thursday, April 28, 2011

Temporary visit(C-3) visa" issuance guide improvement

SubjectNotice of southeast asia tourists' "Temporary visit(C-3) visa" issuance guide improvement
Notice of southeast asia tourists' "Temporary visit(C-3) visa" issuance guide improvement
□ Improvement
To simplify necessary documents and procedures of issuing a tourist visa at 11 southeast asia countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, which people are required to obtain a visa to visit Korea, each diplomatic office will accept only one or two different finance proving documents like a certificate of property, and also visas can be issued without personal documents but a guarantee of tourism company to attract the incentive tourism that is a group tour by the company.
Since Korean airports like the Incheon international airport are being highlighted, a double visa that can be used twice in 6 months is introduced
A multiple entry visa that is valid for 3 years will be issued to a middle·high class people with more than $10,000 of yearly income, pensioners, the professions like a journalist, graduates from Korean universities, parents of marriage migrants and a family group tourists.
□ List of countries
Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh
□ Major contents
○ Single entry visa
- Limits a kind of finance proving documents to 1 or 2 kinds
- For incentive tourists, a housekeeper of the wealthy class, OECD country visitors, and OECD country visa holders, simplifies visa issuance procedures like omission of finance proving documents
○ Introduction of a double visa (a multiple entry visa that can be used twice)
- Issues a double visa to single entry visa holders who want to entry into and departure from Korea twice in 6 months for allowing them to return to their home country through visiting Korea
○ Extension of subjects and validity period of a multiple entry visa
- OECD country(except Korea) permanent residency holders, people who have visited OECD countries more than twice for last 4 years, and people who have visited Korea more than 4 times for last 2 years
(Group tour guides can be approved, if he has visited Korea more than once for last 2 years)
- Representatives of enterprises, government employee, executives and staff members of state enterprises, and executives and staff members airline·shipline in commission to Korea
- People whose yearly income is higher than $10,000, and pensioners older than 55 year old
- Participants and important people who participate international events·international conferences by invitation of Korean governments or public institutions
- Journalists, PDs, editors who have worked at the media for more than a year and the professions like doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors(higher than a full time lecturer including a full time lecturer)
- Graduates from Korean college or above
- Parents of husbands and wives who are married to Korean citizens
- Issues a multiple entry visa with 90 days of sojourn and 3 years of validity period
○ Issuing visas to family group tourists
- A multiple entry visa can be issued with only a family relation certificate to partner, minor children, parents, and partner's parents of a multiple entry visa holder whose visa is valid at the application date
○ Date of enforcement : 2011.04.01
※ For more detailed information, please contact the immigration contact center(Call 1345 without regional code) or diplomatic office websites



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