Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to inquire you NPS contribution.

How to inquire latest contribution fo NPS....

FIRST visit

click ENGLISH, then at the lower left buttom of the page you will find, Q & A.

then after clicking Q& A, you will be transfered to another page for writing.. you
you'll find this write

next step is, you need to filled up all with arterisk box....

after filling up click submit button.. and you will see a pop up mes.. successful. 
wait for 2-5 working days for the result.just visit the site again or click this link
thats all, i hope this will help you alot..


Anonymous said...

dun mo rin mababasa yung contribution mo or sa email mo ipapadala

Anonymous said...

what is I pin and how can i get my i pin?

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