Thursday, September 29, 2011

Issuance of career certificate for foreign workers through Internet

< Issuance of career certificate for foreign workers through Internet >

Launching Internet service : issuance of career certificates for foreign workers

For whom : Foreign workers under the EPS

Web site : EPS English and multi language homepage (

How to apply and print the certificate of career

1) Foreign workers need to sign up with their passport number or registration number of EPS-TOPIK.

2) After successful log-in, foreign workers are able to check their designated test date and venue for a skill test and its result after finishing the test, current status of a labor contract and to print the certificate of career.

3) Information of contract and current address must be written in English

4) Purpose of a career certificate issuance should be filled in(only in English).

5) Application of the issuance is limited only once and the number of available print copies is limited as 5 copies

※ If a worker want another copies of career certificate more than 5, he/she should visit EPS center or a regional branch of HRD Korea then request additional issuance of career certificates.

- A worker can apply the issuance of career certificate by visiting a regional branch of HRD Korea with his/her passport also(instead of application via internet)


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