Friday, November 25, 2011

GOOD NEWS:Special Korean language tests

GOOD NEWS:Special Korean language tests

by Gennie Kim on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 12:32am
From December, the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) will hold special Korean language tests for foreign workers who have voluntarily returned to their home countries before the end of their employment period and want to be reemployed in Korea.
Currently, foreign workers who have entered Korea under the Employment Permit System must return to their home countries after the end of their employment period (a maximum of 4 years and 10 months), according to the principle of preventing foreign workers' permanent stay in Korea.
However, foreign workers who went back to their countries can re-enter Korea after six months of absence. And they should follow the same procedures as new arrivals, because there is no re-entry support system for them.
In particular, Korean language tests new arrivals are required to take are not held regularly. And it takes long time to enter Korea even in case foreign workers have passed their Korean language tests. For those reasons, foreign workers who want to work more in Korea have hesitated to re-enter.
Employers hiring foreign workers have also demanded that they be allowed to keep their skilled foreign workers.
In response, MOEL has decided to solve inconveniences standing in the way of foreign workers' re-entry to Korea, reflecting the wishes of workplaces which want to employ skilled workers.
The entry restriction period imposed under the current law will be maintained, but some improvements will be introduced to make it easier and faster for foreign workers to re-enter Korea after the expiration of the restriction period.
For foreign workers who voluntarily return to their home countries before the end of their unemployment period and want to re-enter Korea, special Korean language tests will be held at least once every quarter at CBT (computer-based test) centers in sending countries.
Those who pass such special tests will enjoy a faster entry process than general foreign job seekers, and will be exempt from the employment training provided prior to entry.
In addition, if they have worked in their final workplace for one year or longer before departure, they will be allowed to work in that workplace as long as the employer concerned agrees.
Special Korean language tests will be administered on a pilot basis in Thailand and Vietnam in December, and be spread to other sending countries next year.
"The new system will largely decrease the number of illegal foreign workers, and help workplaces to secure skilled workers," said Lee Jae-gab, the Deputy Minister of the Employment Policy Office. "We will further strengthen the policy that preferentially treats foreign workers voluntarily going back to their countries, not staying illegally in Korea, if they want to re-enter."
( regarding sa mga over age hindi pa po natin masasagot yan sa ngaun dahil wala po naman binabangit regarding sa edad. pero sa sarili kung opinyon baka may age limit parin only our goverment can tell po" antay nalang po tau sa susunod na update.thank you


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